August 21, 2013 It’s been awhile! So many stuffs happened this past few months! And the biggest of them all– we’re married!!! Weeh! I’m glad everything went out very fine after all the issues. I’m very excited to share how it went well. But let me tell you first what we went through before the … More MRS


March 15, 2013 As I was saying on my previous post, we went to Snow World in Genting. It was so much fun experiencing a -6 °C temperature inside which features winter downtown and heritage concepts. It is said to be the biggest winter wonderland in Malaysia. The entire surrounding is astonishing. Boots, gloves, and jackets … More bbrrrrrr…..

WE’RE 3!

MARCH 09, 2013 18th of last month, I and Rod celebrated our 3rd year anniversary. Weeh! Yeah, it’s been quite long.  We were both lucky that we were granted leave from work so we really wanted to make the most out of it. Originally, we wanted to go to Bangkok, but because there wasn’t enough time to … More WE’RE 3!